"They work great. You don't have to remove any siding to hang a ledger board. Bolt them on and away you go. I used them to build a 15 x 20 deck off a second floor bedroom three years ago. What a piece of cake that was. One man can handle it..."
Romodeling online
-Mike s - Posted on the Remodeling Online message board

"This bracket is a viable solution to attaching decks to the side of a house. It looks like the best thing since the cordless drill."
-Building inspector from Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Performs exactly as described"
"Used these brackets to repair a deck that had no flashing. Deck is now away from the house and securely attached. Could not ask for a better solution."
-From Pennsylvania

"This is exactly what I needed!"
"I was looking for brackets to mount a 2x6 header to my house for my pergola project. This bracket works great, it mounts easily and allows for very easy installation. We actually built the frame of the pergola on the ground and then lifted it up into the brackets...no awkward holding or bracing... overall a much safer way to do it! The bracket has the added benefit that it spaces the 2x6 header slightly off the wall allowing for airflow behind the header...this eliminates any need for added weather protection, ie, drip edge or ice and water shield. That saves a bunch of time and money! I had a couple of questions regarding the product and did a little google search and found the companies phone number. The gentleman I spoke too was very nice and so helpful. What amazes me the most is that you don't see these brackets in every major home improvement store. They are so simple to use, the benefits are great and it's really the best way to mount a header to a home!"
-T.Feist (Denver, Colorado)