remodeling magazine

July 1992


Kim Marie Diercksen,
New Products Editor

Get the hang of the new Handy Hook brackets. They make deck installation simpler and faster.

Conventional deck installation requires cutting away a portion of the siding, then adding flashing and trim to fill in the cut-out area. Handy Hooks--developed and patented by Paul Stratton, president of P.A. Stratton & Company, Milan, Ohio--can be bolted directly through the siding, eliminating the need for extra flashing. The deck framework can be built on the ground and then raised into place.

The hooks are made of 1/8-inch steel, plated with yellow zinc for rust resistance. The hooks can be purchased individually for about $4 each or in deck starter kits, which include four hooks plus bolts, washers and an instruction booklet, for around $20. Two Handy Hooks can support up to 5,500 pounds, Stratton says. A 10 by 10 foot deck requires six brackets.

In addition to decks, the hooks can be used for awnings, boat docks, stairs, sunken floors, work benches, sun roofs and carports.

Introduced nationally last fall, Handy Hooks are available through most lumber yards. Each hook accommodates any size 2x material and spaces the deck away from the house to allow air circulation and expansion and contraction of the wood.