About Stratton Brackets®

As more and more homeowners are building their own decks, they are finding that probably the most difficult and time consuming task is that of attaching the deck to the house. Generally it was required to remove or cut the siding, pre-fit the ledger board, and while holding the ledger, bolt it to the house. Then add joist hangers, flashing, and trim around the ledger and patch in the siding.

Paul Stratton, a builder from Milan, Ohio, decided that there had to be a better way, so he invented and patented the Stratton Bracket®. It's offset design bolts directly against the siding and holds the ledger about 1/2" away from the house, allowing water to pass by and not seep into the house.

Stratton has specialized in building decks since 1988. Every time he uses his brackets people are not only amazed at how easy the decks can be built and then set into place, but also because the brackets were used for hanging steps, arbors, flower boxes, and even a small collapsible work bench. Large decks are no problem either, built in sections they can then be set into the brackets.

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